Wash Our Hearts with Laughter

Wash Our Hearts with Laughter

The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu supplies us with 26 energy sites, or Safety Energy Locks, each with a specific function. ‘SEL’ 15 is found in the groin and is called ‘Wash Our Hearts with Laughter’.

I have been on many 5 day seminars where the recipient of the ’15 Flow’ has had a really good laugh.

Mary says that SEL 15s are our ‘personal comedians’ because they help us laugh and take ourselves and situations less seriously.

Holding the 15s (in the groin – see photo) helps the abdomen, the legs, the knees, ankles and feet. It is useful for bloat conditions, helps varicose veins (and to prevent them!), and any bleeding (also heavy menstruation).

The 15 Flow helps faster recovery after surgery, and helps bones heal at a faster rate than ‘normal’.

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