If you suffer from sudden and debilitating fatigue, it is quite possible that your ‘mediator’ energies are in need of some help. These are the energies that criss-cross the body from left to right and right to left. (note: Donna Eden has an exercise for this in her video below).

In Jin Shin Jyutsu keeping the Mediator energised is very important. I learnt this first hand one day when I had really overdone it. I was heading home on the underground in London. The journey was about half an hour long. Luckily, I managed to get a seat. I was SO excruciatingly EXHAUSTED, that I remember thinking: ‘I can’t do ANYTHING to alleviate this, not even Jin Shin Jyutsu – I just need to lie down and sleep’.

But then my hands naturally landed in a Jin Shin Jyutsu hold that Mary used to call ‘the little gem’. Half an hour later I bounced off the train, and nearly ran home. All the exhaustion was forgotten. It was one of the most incredible Jin Shin Jytusu experiences of my life.

So for the JSJ hold to alleviate fatigue: Place the right hand on the opposite left inner thigh (a few inches above the knee) and place the left hand on the opposite right upper arm (a few inches above the elbow crease) – and vice versa.