Jin Shin Jyutsu Your Innate Right

Jin Shin Jyutsu: Your Innate Right

I often see people in a perfect Jin Shin Jyutsu self help position, even though they have probably never heard of this ancient healing art before in their lives.  How can this be?

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an innate wisdom that we all tap into unknowingly and intuitively when we hear the body’s message: please help me!

By introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu, one awakens to the conscious application of the art, and therefore is empowered to do something about the discomfort, the pain, and the every day sufferings that we humans ‘endure’.

jin shin jyutsu your innate right

I say let’s not endure any more! Let’s not exist and be victims to all the slings and arrows that come our way, but let’s actively and consciously live a happier, healthier life.  Jin Shin Jyutsu helps us do this, by knowing where to put our hands on the body.

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