How to change a habit or an addiction

How to change a habit or an addiction with Donna Eden

Donna Eden is one of my favorite energy workers. Her style is fun and easy to follow. She works on the energy in the body in a different way from Jin Shin Jyutsu, but we can always learn other techniques from others.

Want to change a deep habit inside of you? Maybe a physical thing that’s going on internally or something that you want changed in your being that you don’t want there anymore? Then this is a very old ancient technique that’s been forgotten and used in many places around the world – in China it’s been used as a technique to clear pain.

Take advantage of the fact that you have a right and left hemisphere of the brain. They affect you differently if you divide them. The left side is more critical and is a ‘judger’, it reacts negatively and is the side that says ‘no’. The right side of the brain is more positive, believing, trusting and says ‘yes’.

So you have to provide two different statements for each side of the brain – the statement for the left side is worded negatively, and the statement for the right side is worded positively. Say the statement while you tap five times. Do the left side first with the negative statement and then the right side with the positive statement.

Do the Temporal Tap four or five times a day for at least a week, and Donna says that if the habit is deeply entrenched, then it might take up to 30 days to see results. If you don’t see any results quite quickly then choose a different statement!

This is Donna Eden at her best – she is awesome, and so lovely. Enjoy the video!

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