Question: Hi. I love your blog – it is easy to use and there is so much information. I noticed that you were answering questions, so here is mine – I have a friend I would like to help. She always feels very insecure and unsure of herself. Is there anything simple she could do to help herself? (I have been on a 5-day course, so I have the text books). Many thanks.

Answer: Thanks for sending your question. The first thing that comes to me is that first depth needs help. A simple way to harmonise first depth is to hold the THUMB. And then all the other fingers (see previous posts on holding the fingers from October 2007). There is also a lovely flow on page 31 of Text 1 – the 16,17,18,19 Flow that is generally good for releasing the head when it has too much information (feeling self-conscious), and on page 62 of text 1 you will find the first depth harmoniser – Reversing and Increasing of First Depth which is very useful when there are feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. Hope this helps, and let me knwo how you get on! AK