Flows For Life Testimonials

What Other Clients Say About Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatments with Astrid

‘It’s quite remarkable how the pain in my knee has subsided.’

‘Movement is much improved generally.’

‘I feel different. Refreshed and lighter.’

‘I feel much calmer, much more relaxed about things.’

‘I feel like a helmet has been taken off my head. It feels so clear!’

‘After my session, I was able to tackle a whole lot of paperwork I had been putting off for months!’

‘Since I’ve been seeing you, I haven’t had any hot flashes.’

‘I can’t believe how much energy I have throughout the day.’

‘It’s like I have a new set of glasses on.
My eyes feel so much better.’

‘I sleep so much better.’

‘I’ve never experienced anything like it. That was just wonderful.’

‘I had such a horrible headache when I came to see you, but now it’s gone!”

‘During the session, I felt like I was floating.’

‘I used to fall over several times a day. Not anymore. Whatever you did worked!’

‘That was amazing.’

‘Your treatment had a profound effect on me. I am much calmer.’

‘My skin feels really smooth now. All the red blotches have gone!’

‘After the session, I went home and cleaned out all my cupboards! That’s NEVER happened.

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