Jin Shin Jyutsu® Physio-Philosophy is a Universal Art of harmonising the life energy in the body by using the fingers and hands over clothing. The principles and KEYS of this Art are as old as mankind.

It was re-discovered and developed in Japan by Master Jiro Murai in the early 1900s. In the 1940s he met Mary Burmeister (then Iino) who became a tireless student of the Art. Master Jiro Murai gifted Mary with the information of Jin Shin Jyutsu, and she subsequently brought it to the West.

Literally translated from the Japanese it means ‘The Art of the Creator through the Man of Knowing and Compassion’.

The great thing is that every one of us has the ability to help ourselves by accessing this innate wisdom, these KEYS that are part of each and every one of us. In fact, in our day-to-day lives we use this ability quite naturally, but unknowingly.

To introduce Jin Shin Jyutsu is to AWAKEN the AWARENESS of what we all have available to use for our health and wellbeing – no matter where, no matter when.

Mary Burmeister, the foremost teacher of the Art, said: “It is simply the GETTING to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.”

Jin Shin Jyutsu can be applied by a trained Practitioner and as Self Help, which is fun and easy to learn.

Via this website, my aim is to provide:

1. information about what JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS and how it can help

2. practical self help guidance, help and support, and

3. useful information of where to go for further study and training of Jin Shin Jyutsu®

Mary said: ‘Drop the Shoulders. BE the smile.’

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu

Master Jiro Murai and Mary Burmeister

Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy Part 1

Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy Part 2

Further Study and Training

Treatments and Self Help Classes with Astrid