Jin Shin Jyutsu: A Pro-Active Approach to Health and Wellbeing

Jin Shin Jyutsu Health Wellbeing

If we can eat and drink what our bodies need, exercise regularly, manage stress and sleep well to aid recovery, then we are well on our way to helping the body maintain balance and harmony.

However, how can we be more pro-active about our health and wellbeing, especially as we get older?

In the film Billions in Change, Sir David Lane, a foremost scientist and expert in the field of cancer talks about how important it is to change our approach:

“…what we tend to do is think of ourselves as well until we’re ill and that’s the wrong way around. We need to be thinking about maintaining health as a much more pro-active process.

Everybody wants a shortcut; maybe I’ll take this vitamin and I’ll be better.

What we need to do is think about fundamentals, like the blood, the circulation – that’s what your heart’s doing, that’s what’s taking nutrients around the body, that’s what’s critical for eliminating waste products.

So clearly, poor circulation is the basis of a lot of illness. So anything that can help people to improve their health is very, very important…

You have to go outside the system. The current system educates people to behave in a certain way; you get ill, you go to the doctor, the doctor is a god-like figure, the doctor’s going to save you…that’s how it works. Instead of thinking: oh, I’m part of this process…I can’t be passive, I should be active.

It’s about that shift in thinking; to think about new ways of doing things.”

So I ask the question again – apart from providing the right nourishment for the body, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly – how can we be more pro-active about our health and wellbeing in a way that is accessible and effective?

Well, each one of us has a unique system of ‘energy sites’ on the body which we can work with by knowing where to place our hands.

So let me give you an example of how this energy system works.

I’d like to establish at the outset that left to its own devices, our incredibly intelligent body is capable of healing and repairing itself.

If you cut yourself, for instance, your body will jump into action to isolate and heal the area affected. If it’s a deep cut, then it will take some time to heal.

However, if you place your hands in a particular way, you will greatly help speed up the healing process (that’s because of the way the energy moves through your hands).

In my experience, when you apply Jin Shin Jyutsu to a wound, the healing really kicks in after a few minutes.

Over the last 17+ years, I (and my clients ) have experienced how Jin Shin Jyutsu also speeds up the removal of toxins and wastes from the body and greatly helps to support the immune, lymphatic and circulatory systems – thereby assisting the body to clean, regenerate and repair itself, as well as helping to clear stressors that cause discomfort and disease.

There are many clinical studies that show the positive effects of Jin Shin Jyutsu on the body.

For instance, a study at the University of California showed that Jin Shin Jyutsu helps manage and clear mucositis.

As noted in the Annals of Oncology: “Oral and gastrointestinal mucositis due to cancer therapies such as high-dose chemotherapy and/or radiation continues to be an important clinical problem.”

Another study conducted in 2012 at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center with cancer patients, found that “in each session patients experienced significant improvement in the areas of pain, stress, and nausea with the first visit and in subsequent visits as well.”

The study was led by Jin Shin Jyutsu Integrative Practitioner Jennifer Bradley who commented: “I was pleased to see quantitatively the improvements that patients noted in these primary areas of discomfort. It was interesting to note that regardless of age, sex or diagnosis, cancer patients received a statistically significant improvement in the side effects from treatment. It is encouraging to note that Jin Shin Jyutsu made improvements in these areas without adding additional unwanted effects that so often occur with medication interventions.”  

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, saying here that Jin Shin Jyutsu is a substitute for medical diagnosis, attention and/or treatment.

What I am saying, though is that it is very important to encourage a pro-active attitude and approach to maintain optimum health and wellbeing, especially when we are well.

That, in my view, is much more empowering than just thinking of ourselves as well, until we’re not, and Jin Shin Jyutsu offers us that very elegant possibility.

Astrid Kauffmann
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Self Help Teacher

Billions in Change (Film)

Jin Shin Jyutsu: New Relief and Prevention for Mouth Sores (Mucositis) in Cancer Treatment: A Case Series – By Ann Shannon, Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner.

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University of Kentucky News, Study Suggests Touch Therapy Helps Reduce Pain, Nausea in Cancer Patients, June 26, 2012

DIY Health Revolution with Dr Vincent Li

Dr Vincent Li from The Angiogenesis Foundation gives a fascinating TED Talk
Dr Vincent Li from The Angiogenesis Foundation gives a fascinating TED Talk

This is an excellent TED Talk (video below) by Dr Vincent Li from the Angiogenesis Foundation on how to start your own DIY Health Revolution – giving practical advice, backed up by scientific evidence.

It’s not the first time I have heard a doctor say that ‘what we provide is sick care, not health care’. In the video, Dr Vincent Li suggests that ‘health care’ is perhaps what people should be doing in between their doctor visits.

In the Western world, we have seen a huge increase in obesity, diabetes and cancer, to name a few. But how do people in other places like Okinawa or Sardinia live to be 100 years or more with low to no rates of say, cancer, Alzheimers or obesity among their population? The answer does not lie in the pharmaceuticals, or hospitals or even doctors.

The answer lies in what you can do yourself. DIY: Do It Yourself.

Dr Vincent Li explains what you can do to prevent disease and promote health, and it’s backed by scientific data – and the best news is: for most of us these things are relatively easy to do.

For instance, good quality sleep is really important. And it’s important to sleep enough, so seven hours minimum is a good start. And don’t read a tablet or digital device before bed because it suppresses the melatonin in the brain which then interferes with sleep patterns.

I have to add to that: keep your bedroom as free as possible from EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). Switch off the wifi at night, turn your smart phone off and keep it far away from the bedroom. Same goes for digital alarm clocks and any other devices I haven’t even thought about.

Watch Dr Vincent Li’s top ten list to start the DIY Health Revolution below:

Billions in Change: Free Energy, Fresh Water, Good Health

Billions in Change is about how to achieve free energy, fresh water, and good health, and I think it is a wonderful, uplifting film.

It tells the story of a group of people who are inventing simple solutions to make limited resources like energy, water and health accessible to those who do not have them. These are solutions, in essence, that could change our world, a world which is facing some of the toughest issues in the history of its existence.

These solution-based-projects are backed by one unconventional man, a visionary billionaire philantropist called Manoj Bhargava.

Manoj explains: “There are seven billion of us in the world today, and we’re facing some huge problems. But talk doesn’t help someone out of poverty. Awareness doesn’t reduce pollution and grow food, or heal the sick. That takes doing. The solutions are here! Great inventions that generate clean energy, that make fresh water, that improve our health. This is the story of what we’ve been doing.”

So how would you like to keep fit and at the same time generate enough electricity to power your house for a day?

Or if you could have a machine that turns any water into clean drinking water?

And how about this: a machine that promotes the blood flow to the body, thereby increasing circulation and enhancing health and wellbeing? (More about this machine in the next post where I compare the wonders and benefits of this invention with the Universal Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu).

It’s exciting to think that alternative solutions to energy, water and health are being worked on. The question is: how can we change our awareness to action, so that we can ensure the future of life on earth for humans, animals and plants alike?

The film has already been seen more than 3 million times, but I hope it will be seen more than 3 billion times before long. 

Self Help Hold to Beat Fatigue and More

This self help hold is ‘supremely powerful’. Use with ‘humility and awe’.

Helps with depletion of energy (so when there is utter exhaustion) AND overload of energy (so calms when you wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep). This self help hold helps the crossing energies, helps clear the chest and the waist, helps protect the  heart. Also useful for coughs and to help clear the voice.

Mary Burmeister was said to never really prefer any one hold above another, but that she called this one ‘a little gem’.

What is Tinnitus and 10 Tips to Get Relief

The official definition of Tinnitus is: “A ringing, roaring or clicking in the ears.”

Whichever way you look at it, it’s noise and it’s infuriating.

I suffer from Tinnitus (although I’m by no means the severest of cases). I read the other day that 12 million people in the US suffer from Tinnitus and 7 million in the UK. That’s a lot of people with ringing in the ears, and unfortunately there is no cure, as far as I know. So one must learn to manage it.

There are ways of relieving the intensity of the tinnitus, and here I share some personal tips with you. Some of them might surprise you! I certainly found out some interesting information while I was doing my research.

So, below are my 10 Tips For Tinnitus Relief:

1. It would seem obvious, but avoid loud noises, music, etc.

2. Minimize the use of headphones, ipods, etc (sorry!)

3. Minimize or eliminate the use of cell (mobile) phones and DECT cordless phones in the home and office (avoid carrying phones and/or pagers on your body)

4. Get rid of phones and electric clock radios next to your head at night, especially if they’re cordless, and don’t leave your mobile phone on your bedside table

5. Minimize, if you can, exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMF), including WI-FI (turn it off at night!), communication towers, transformers, power lines and electrical appliances (like hair dryers) – if you can’t minimize exposure then there are ways to protect yourself (contact me for more information).

6. Avoid sinus and nose congestion – so keep the passages open and free as much as possible  (the build up of mucus can affect the whole nose, throat, ear area!)

7. Keep your energy levels up and your immune system strong (do Main Central Exercise and the Immune Booster Hold)

8. Reduce or eliminate coffee and caffeine from your diet. Surprisingly, caffeine has been shown to worsen the symptoms of tinnitus (that was a new one for me!)

9. TMJ syndrome can exacerbate tinnitus. TMJ stands for Temporo Mandibular Joint and it’s located near the ear – I have found that easing the tension in this area with some massage is quite useful

10. An all around remedy for ears is to put one drop of Lavender essential oil (use the variety Lavandula Angustifolia) on some cotton wool and place it in the ear overnight. I find that this helps soothe the ears, especially if there is any pain or discomfort. Lavender is one of the safest oils, but of course, do not take the oil  internally. And remember, with essential oils, less is always better.

And of course, I find great comfort for the ears and relief from tinnitus by using some finger positions (‘mudras’) and some self help holds. I got one of the holds from a dear friend in India.

In this video, Tinnitus Self Help Holds, I show you some of those exercises:

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid for Pain Relief

jin shin jyutsu fast pain relief

I have experienced many incidents when I was able to manage and control pain in my body with Jin Shin Jyutsu holds. It constantly amazes me that knowing where to put the hands on the body can have such a dramatic and speedy effect!

This is one of my most dramatic and personal experiences of pain relief:

My father was in hospital and had just come out of surgery when I got to his bedside. The anaesthetic was wearing off and he was in much pain. His face was all contorted and he was hanging on for dear life to the side rails of his bed.

I went straight for his right foot. I placed my RIGHT fingers on the INSIDE of his RIGHT heel (below the ankle), and my LEFT fingers on the OUTSIDE of his RIGHT heel (below the ankle). I held, without any pressure, without any massage. (For the left foot, hold the inside of the heel with the right fingers and the outside of the heel with the left fingers – same as the right)

Within a few moments (literally) my father opened his eyes, exhaled, and said: ‘Yes, that’s definitely better.’ After a while I let the nurse take over with the morphine….

See the video of the self help hold for fast pain relief here:

How to Ease FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

jin shin jyutsu holds index finger 2

In the Jin Shin Jyutsu self help classes we often talk about FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.

In the early days when I started teaching, one of my friends brought to life ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ with a lovely anecdote on which I have based the following story:

Imagine you’re walking down a dark alley. You’re afraid of going forwards, but you’re even more afraid of turning back. So you keep going. At the end of the alley a light appears with a MONSTER of a shadow. Now you’re REALLY afraid. Somehow you keep going.  As you get closer, you realise that this ‘monster’ shadow was cast on the wall by a cute little puppy…False Evidence Appearing Real.

FEARS are at the basis of all disharmony. On a more philosophical level, Mary Burmeister explained that we FEAR when we believe in lack and limitation and THIS is the False Evidence Appearing Real. Because in TRUTH “through Jin Shin Jyutsu our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that all that is needed for harmony [on all levels] is within MYSELF.”

I’ve talked before about the five Attitudes that we experience: Worry, Fear, Anger, Grief and Pretense. Underlying all these attitudes is FEAR. When we believe in lack and limitations, then there is FEAR.

The (very) good news is that we can simply hold the INDEX finger (either one) to help harmonise the attitude of FEAR. If the fear is very deep then we can hold each thumb and finger in turn.

Why don’t you give it a go right now?

Sit comfortably in a quiet space. Wrap your right hand around your left index finger, and relax your hands. Close your eyes.

How long to hold for? Until you feel relief.

I find that if I hold my index (or any other) finger for about 20 minutes, I definitely feel things ‘happening’.

See the link for more self help finger holds

Give MY SELF a Hug for Peace

Jin Shin Jyutsu flowers

We have 26 ‘energy sites’ on the body – 26 on the left side and 26 on the right side. They are mirror images of each other. Each one has a specific location and a specific function to help us on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

These 26×2 areas on the body are not points. They are three dimensional, concentrated spheres of energy that have a diameter of about 3 inches. So it’s important to realise that there is quite a big area to work with. As practitioners, we aim to go to the place in the energy site that is most tense, so that we can release the tension, and get the energy flowing properly again.

The number 26 energy sites (or Safety Energy Locks (SELs) as we refer to them in Jin Shin Jyutsu terms) mean Complete (that which was, is, will be). We humans are total and complete. We can release and harmonise the number 26 energy sites (one on the left side and one on the right) by giving MY SELF a hug (see image below – exercise 1). SEL 26 is found under the arm pit on the lateral (outer) edge of the shoulder blade.

There is another energy site we can use with number 26 and that is number 24. This energy site (24) is located on the top of the foot down from the little, 4th and middle toes, on the left and right sides. If you feel an area of tension then that’s where you want to hold to release and harmonise the 24s! SEL 24 is the harmoniser of chaos, and is also called the Peacemaker.  Mary Burmeister said of SEL 24: ‘…harmonise all chaos within for complete peace of mind and body.’

Want to start working with energy sites 24 and 26 on the body? 

On Monday, 30 November, 2015 we are organising the next JSJ Global Event.

Please join us at 11.30 am and/or 11.30 pm for 60 minutes YOUR LOCAL TIME, WHERE EVER YOU ARE to create a rainbow of peace around the world. If you can’t make these times, then feel free to do them when ever you are able to on the day.

We will start in Australia and New Zealand, move around the world along the different time zones, along Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and then the Americas, finishing with Hawaii! In the past, over 30 countries have participated.

Harmonise MY SELF for PEACE.

Will you join us? 

You can do all of these exercises, or pick and choose which one feels most comfortable.
The exercises shown are for the left side. If you want to do the right side, then reverse the hands and the position on the body. So if it says right hand on left 26, then the right side is left hand on right 26, etc.

Exercise 1 (left and right sides)

JSJ GLOBAL Event Exercise 1


Exercise 2 (left side illustrated)



Exercise 3 (left side illustrated)



Exercise 4 (left side illustrated)

JSJ Global exer 4