Self Help Holds for Left and Right Side Energies

There is a simple self help exercise to help the left and right side energies (called the Supervisors). The simplicity of these exercises belies their power. A little every day will go a long way to keep the energies moving and cleaning, as well as releasing tensions in the body.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Part 1 Supervisor

If there is an effect in the front of the body (like bloating, stomach cramp, etc) then the cause or the tension is in the back so we work on the back to clear the front (descending energy).

A simple exercise to clear the front is to do the following: for the left side, place your right hand over your left shoulder and sit on your left hand (so place your left hand on your left sitting bone, palm up).

Do this for at least 20 minutes, and reverse the hands for the right side.

This exercise helps clear anything ABOVE the waistline so good to clear the head, and headaches.

These exercises are part two of the Trinity Exercises (Main Central, Supervisors and Mediator).


Jin Shin Jyutsu Part 2 Supervisor

If there is an effect in the back of the body (so back pain, hip pain, etc.) then the cause or tension is in the front of the body, so we work on the front to clear the back (ascending energy).

A simple exercise to clear the back is to do the following: for the left side, place your right hand over your left shoulder and place your left hand/fingers in your left groin.

Do this for at least 20 minutes, then reverse the hands for the right side.

This exercise helps clear anything BELOW the waistline so it is great to help alleviate heavy or twitchy legs.

This is also the Immune Boosting Hold I talk about in other posts on FlowsForLife.

Beat Fatigue: Self Help Hold for Crossing Energies

There have been a few times in my life when I have been overwhelmed by a sudden fatigue. I have subsequently discovered that when the crossing energies in the body are overloaded, fatigue can occur.

The crossing energies go from left to right and right to left – they ‘mediate’ and ‘supervise’ the energies of the left and right sides of our body.

They also supply the whole BEING, so it is really important to keep them functioning properly.

So to harmonise and re-energise these crossing or ‘Mediating’ energies, do this exercise until you feel relief! I find it really comfortable to do this exercise lying down in bed with pillows and cushions where I need them.

The left side flow:
Place the right hand over the left shoulder. At the same time, place the left thumb over the left ring fingernail to make a circle.  At the same time, bring the knees together (this helps the ‘supervisory left energy). (see the image)

The right side flow:
Place the left hand over the right shoulder. At the same time, place the right thumb over the right ring fingernail to make a circle.  At the same time, bring the knees together (this helps the supervisory right energy).


Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu holds for Jerking

Question: My daughter who has received Osteopathic treatments recently that discovered an old concussion.  Her body has been going through major readjustments, and is still fatigued.  Her legs, hips, and stomach are jerking a lot (day and night), especially when she is relaxed in bed.  What JSJ holds / flows would you recommend (both self help and flows I could use for her)?

Answer: It sounds like the energy is a bit stuck in the hip area – so here are two holds to start with:  She lies face up in bed, you sit at her right side. Place your left hand palm down flat on her tummy on the navel and your right hand on her back palm up at the same height as the other hand you have on her navel so you ‘sandwich’ her between your hands. Hold for at least 20 minutes

Then move that position down to the pubic bone and the coccyx (the last hold of the self help Main Central Exercise). Hold another 20 minutes at least. STOP if she has any pain or discomfort – or go down to the big toes and hold themThen, for another session, do the Trinity Exercises.

And finally, for another session, you can hold the backs of her knees for 20 minutes. This hold is key to helping the muscles and realigning the hip area: to realign the hip hold the more lateral ouside area of the knee

Q&A: Any Jin Shin Jyutsu Holds for Mono?

Jin Shin Jyutsu Immune Hold
Immune Hold

Question: Hi Astrid! I have used  your site many times. Thank you. I have Alice’s book but borrowed it out. I would like to know if there is  a hold for mono. My daughter has very infected tonsills and can barely swallow.  Saw the doc yesterday and we had her blood taken and it is mono, wondering if there is any hold. I have done ankles for pain and right hand over left for the throat infection. Thanks

Mono, or mononucleosis is a viral infection.  Also called the ‘kissing disease’ it can be spread by saliva. The incubation period for infectious mononucleosis is 4 to 8 weeks. Symptoms include fever, fatigue, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands. It can cause liver inflammation (hepatitis) and spleen enlargement. (from medicinenet)

Since the immune system is compromised, it is important to do the immune hold:  Place the left hand over the right shoulder and right hand on right groin. Do for 20 minutes minimum. Reverse the hands for the other side (see  the diagram in this post).

Also, the Trinity Flows: Main Central, Supervisors left and right and Mediator (Main Central being the most important one) and also very important,  since the spleen is the largest lymphatic organ in the body, the Spleen Flow . She should have a Spleen Flow Session every day, and twice a day would be even better until her tonsils are back to normal.  If she is old enough, teach her the flow so that she can do it too!

For me, there was life before Spleen Flow and life after. I also suffered a lot from tonsillitis when I was younger and  I still have them!

Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu for Diabetes

Question: I did my jin shin jyutsu two years back.Wayne Hackett was my coach. I am now pre-diabetic. Can you suggest some flows for me. My diabetic problem is increasing slowly. I have done my self help as well as 5 day course. Kindly help me. I have all materials to refer. J from Singapore

Answer: Hi J. Thanks for sending me your question and sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. Apart from the Trinity flows mentioned in a previous post, it would also help to work with the 10 Flow on page 21 of Text 1 and the Eye Flow on page 24 of Text 1. Any flow or hold that harmonises the 3rd Depth is also helpful (more on the Jin Shin Jyutsu Depths in a later post). I also feel that just holding both SELs 13 for a few minutes (or use the 13 Flow), then both SELs 14 (or the 14 Flow or Spleen Flow), then both SELs 15 (or use the 15 Flow) would also be really beneficial for you – this will help clear where the superficial, middle and deep energies cross. Well, there’s a lot here to work with, so I hope you have FUN! All the best, Astrid

Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu for Dysthymia

Question: Hi Astrid – I would like to make a question and don´t know how to do without coming to the ‘comment’ area. I had a diagnostic that told I have dysthymia. I would like to know what flows are more effective for that. Thank you, LM

Answer: Dear LM, thanks for your email and I hope this answer helps you. Keep working on it and let me know how you get on. Take care, Astrid

What is Dysthymia?
For those who don’t know, and I was one of them because I confess I had never heard of this ‘label’, Dysthymic Disorder is a chronic condition characterized by depressive symptoms that occur for most of the day, more days than not, for at least 2 years.
While depressed, a person experiences at least two of the following symptoms:
Either overeating or lack of appetite.
Sleeping too much or having difficulty sleeping.
Fatigue, lack of energy.
Poor self-esteem.
Difficulty with concentration or decision making.
Feeling hopeless

How can Jin Shin Jyutsu help?
Looking at the variety of symptoms, it is important that you help re-harmonise the WHOLE system. The most powerful way, and the easiest as well, is to work with the Self help Main Central Function – the Source of Life. Not once a day, but TWICE a day whenever possible. Also, you need to harmonise the Supervisors and especially the Mediator. In fact, I feel that Mediator is hugely important for you, so do this exercise as often as possible. It’ll keep your energies up. And don’t forget to hold your fingers as well whenever possible!

Below are links to all the exercises mentioned above and others for you to ‘play’ with:
Trinity exercises
Hold Center Palm for Fatigue and Depression
Hold Your Fingers

The Importance of the Jin Shin Jyutsu Trinity

The ‘Trinity’ in Jin Shin Jyutsu is made up of the Main Central Function – Source of Life, the Supervisors (left and right energy), and the Mediator (which harmonises the crossing energies from left to right and vice versa). The Trinity is a truly powerful combination of exercises as it addresses everything and helps everything on every level. Do all three exercises, or just one at a time.

The Exercises of the Trinity
Link to Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy – Source of Life

Self help for Harmonising Left and Right Supervisors: (right flow) Place left hand on right shoulder (SEL11&3) and right hand on right groin (SEL 15) then after a few minutes, move the right hand and hold the right buttock (SEL 25). Reverse the hands for the LEFT flow.

Self help for Harmonising Mediator: (to harmonise the left side energy) Place the left thumb over the left ring fingernail to make a circle and place the right hand over the left shoulder (over SEL 11&3). At the same time, bring the knees together. Mary said in Self Help book 1:  The Mediator energy is the cause for disharmony in the body. It is vitally important to keep this energy functioning properly for the total supply of energy to the whole man.

If you’ve been on the 5-day Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar and have Text 1 and Text 2, then you’ll find the Main Central on page 37, the Supervisors on pages 50 and 51, and the Mediator on page 53 – all in text 1.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help books by Mary Burmeister can be ordered from Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc in Scottsdale, Arizona. They can also tell you where to order books in other languages, and give you information on the various courses available in your area.

Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu for ‘Obnoxious’ people

Question: Hello I have the book on Jin Shin Jyutsu for the last year by my bed. It has been very helpful for my own pains. But I have a question about a friend of mine and I guess the general question is ‘JSJ will help on obnoxious behaviors’? My friend has a personality that is annoying for a lot of people. Always talks, does not listen. Always worried , very nervous, obsessively clean, always doing something, monothematic, she can only see the details, she suffers from scleroderma, She will not get any help but she likes JSJ , it has help her in several pains that she has had. Thank you and I hope this is not too big of a question… Thanks

Answer: Your friend has a lot to deal with, but don’t despair, there is a lot of help available with Jin Shin Jyutsu!

The first thing is to make sure that the crossing energies are not overloaded – when people strongly react to everything there are a lot of ATTITUDES (and low energy). The first thing that needs to be worked on is the MEDIATOR energy. The flow is on page 53 of Jin Shin Jyutsu Text 1. She also needs to do the self-help version of Mediator which is the following exercise: Knees together, then right hand on left shoulder, and left hand – place the thumb over the left ring finger nail to form a circle. For the other side: Knees together, then left hand on right shoulder, and right hand – place the thumb over the left ring finger nail to form a circle. (see Self-help book 1 page 19).

I also suggest the following flows which she can do as self-help: the TRINITY – which is made up of the Main Central (the self help version is on this Blog), Left and Right Supervisor (Self help: hold opposite 11 + same side 15, and hold opposite 11 + same side 25). And the MEDIATOR flow as above.

Also, getting into the habit of holding her fingers one by one every day will help harmonise her whole being.

I will post some suggestions for scleroderma separately in the next day or two.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know how she gets on! – AK

For more information on the Mediator see the older post When is there DIS-EASE