Self Help for Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain

A stiff neck and shoulder pain are, well, a pain in the neck!

Luckily, we all have an energy pathway that crosses the shoulders and hips, travelling up and down the arms into the middle fingers and also travelling up and down the legs doing kind of a loop de loop all over the body. This energy also goes round the head and around the chest.

This little gem of a self help hold that I learned and often use does many things:
* eases a stiff neck and shoulder pain
* alleviates pain down the arm, in the elbow, in the hand & fingers
* detoxes the body
* helps protect the body against osteoporosis
* gets rid of aches and pains in the body (also fibromyalgia)
* lubricates the joints (so good for knee pain, elbow pain)
* and even helps with all arthritic projects or ‘problems’
* helps the skeletal structure
* helps the eyes

Place Left hand over Left Shoulder and Right hand on the Left elbow crease. For the other side, place Right hand over Right Shoulder and Left hand on the Right elbow crease.

Do this hold every day for 20 minutes minimum each side and within a short time you’ll definitely notice a difference!

This is one of my absolute favourite holds. I have used it  many times on myself and in my practice.

Testimonial: Stiff Neck Gone!

‘I am a general dentist from Santa Maria, Brazil.  I have a copy of Mary Burmeister’s book, The Touch of Healing, which I consider my ‘Bible’ and I also visit your website to keep learning something new about JSJ.

Last Friday night I was at home when suddenly felt a stiff neck. It was so much pain that I was unable to pay attention at a simple conversation. Luckily, I remembered an image from your site (Self Help for Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain). After about 30 minutes I noticed my face was relaxed and the pain had gone away so Icould sleep

Well.  It was really amazing!!!!

I’d like to thank you for the information you give us via your website.

Congratulations for your work.’
– V.R.