Jin Shin Jyutsu Case 6: Self Help for Women – PMS

PMS (Pre – and Post! – Menstrual Syndrome) – A sudden cramping in the pelvis is very uncomfortable and painful to say the least. I personally discovered how powerful this amazing Jin Shin Jyutsu hold is. One day when I was driving, a sudden and excruciating cramp came on. Luckily it was just as I stopped at a red light. My instinct told me to ‘sandwich’ my pelvis. Imagine my astonishment as within seconds, the pain and cramp subsided and by the time the light turned green, it had completely DISAPPEARED. I’ve never had pain like that again in the pelvic area. 

The self help hold is actually part of the dynamic Main Central Vertical (MCV) exercise. It’s the last position of the MCV: Left fingers/hand are placed just above the pubic bone (front of body) and right fingers/hand are placed under the coccyx/tailbone (right at the base of the spinal column) – see an older post on this blog for the full Main Central Vertical flow or follow the link above.

This hold is also good for heavy legs, poor circulation, cold feet and legs that ‘jump’.

Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy is an ancient Japanese healing art. Easy to learn the self help, easy and safe to use for every body from ages 0-100+. The Magic is in your hands.