Jin Shin Jyutsu and Astrology

The profoundness of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that it is total and complete.

It encompasses all of our human experience on every level: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

I remember how I tried to get my head around the words ‘Jin Shin Jyutsu is complicatedly simple’, when I first started studying it.

Yet, for it’s wonderful, powerful, and gorgeous simplicity, there are relationships within relationships in Jin Shin Jyutsu waiting to be explored and experienced.

For instance, a wonderful instructor on one of the the 5 day seminars I attended quite a few years ago, opened my eyes to the relationships that exist between this Art and Astrology.

Of course, I am nowhere near to fully understanding them, but I thought I would share an easy diagram of the relationship between the fingers, the astrological signs and the 12 Organ Flows (see The Touch of Healing).

All 12 organ flows (Lung, Large Intestine, etc) circulate the body, 24 hours a day non-stop. They clean, repair and re-generate. Every two hours, though, a different organ function energy will do a ‘solo dance’.

To harmonise, hold the corresponding finger:

4-6 am – Lung – Aries (I AM) – Hold Ring Finger
6-8 am – Large Intestine – Taurus (I HAVE) – Hold Ring Finger
8-10 am – Stomach – Gemini (I THINK) – Hold Thumb
10-12 noon – Spleen – Cancer (I FEEL) – Hold Thumb
12-14 pm – Heart – Leo (I BEAM) – Hold Little Finger
14-16 pm – Small Intestine – Virgo (I ANALYSE) – Hold Little Finger
16-18 pm – Bladder – Libra (I BALANCE) – Hold Index Finger
18-20 pm – Kidney – Scorpio (I CREATE) – Hold Index Finger
20-22 pm – Diaphragm – Saggitarius (I PERCEIVE) – Hold Center Palm
22-24 midnight – Umbilicus – Capricorn (I USE) – Hold Center Palm
24-02 am – Gallbladder – Aquarius (I KNOW) – Hold Middle Finger
02-04 am – Liver – Pisces (I BELIEVE) – Hold Middle Finger