Q&A: Self Help for Piles

Question: Hi Astrid, I’m very excited to have stumbled onto your website which is very interesting to me. I have a question though. My husband has had an operation to remove piles / hemorrhoids but pus still seems to be flowing out. I have tried your fast healing wound hold with my right hand over the left to remove all pus but as soon as I do this my hands get so hot and tingly. Am I doing this correctly as the pus does come out, and is there any other hold I could use. Thanks for a wonderful and informative web blog. – IW

Answer: Thanks for your comments and your question! What you are already doing is great – The Emergency Hold is removing the pus, and the pus is part of the healing process. The reason why your hands feel hot and tingly is because the hold is working! If you haven’t done a lot of this energy work before, then your energy is starting to also move and clear and that is what you are experiencing, apart from developing your natural healing power.

Self Help Hold for Piles
There is a hold that is particularly useful for hemorrhoids. Now that the piles have been removed the energy needs to be corrected, otherwise, the wounds will take longer to heal and they might form again. You can do this hold for your husband and he can also do it for himself if he is able to find a comfortable position.

This particular energy site is on the outside of the knees. If he does the exercise, he can place the left fingers on the left outside of the knee, and the right fingers on the right outside of the knee. If you do this exercise for him, then the easiest way is for him to lie face up on a bed or couch, you stand at his feet and place your left fingers on the outside of his right knee, and your right fingers on the outside of his left knee.

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I say in that post to curl the fingers under the ligament but since the energy sites are not points and more like spheres there is quite a large area that you can work with – either on the outside of the knee or by hooking your fingers under. – your hands will tell you when you’ve hit the bullseye! They’ll go all hot and tingly 😀

Other Helpful Holds
The last step of the Main Central Vertical (hold pubic bone and coccyx) would be particularly helpful to clear the energy through the hip area. The whole Main Central Vertical exercise as self help will be really useful as well.

Q&A: Jin Shin Jyutsu for Hemorrhoids

Question: I suffer from hemorroids, and I would like to look at natural ways to combat them, rather than using over-the-counter creams. I know a bit about JSJ but not a lot – is there anything simple I can do? MJ

Answer:  Dear MJ – I have been meaning to put some information up on hemorrhoids for a long time now, so thank you for your question. The first thing is that you need to drink a lot of water – this will help tremendously. As hemorrhoids are a sign of de-hydration, drink lots of spring water during the day, and have a glass of water with your meals, or a herbal tea like fennel (very good for the digestion). Also, make sure you include fiber in your diet – including raw vegetables. A vitamin and mineral supplement once a day wouldn’t go amiss either. Also very important is moderate exercise such as walking, or jumping gently on a trampoline.

In terms of Jin Shin Jyutsu holds there is one hold that works like a gem to clear hemorrhoids. You simply hold the outside of your knees (Safety Energy Lock 8 eight) see the photo. Take your left hand and curl your fingers under the ligament that is on the outside/back of the knee so that your fingers fall on the back of the knee, but not quite in the middle. At the same time, curl your right hand/fingers under the right knee. You can fall asleep on your side doing this hold, or sit in a chair.

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