‘Be Calm My Beating Heart’

I am experiencing many people with heart projects at this time and the headline of this post is my take on ‘Be still my beating heart’ – the phrase from Shakepeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Diana Cooper, one of my favourite lightworkers, says of this time: ‘Many people are having heart problems right now. Higher vibrations are coming through and our physical bodies are not catching up quickly enough.’

This really does make sense to me on one level. The good news is that Jin Shin Jyutsu helps increase your vibration by working with your energies, and there is much you can do to calm your beating heart:

Hildegard of Bingen is my favourite mystic healer from the 12th century. She was able to ‘see’ (with intuitive vision) the effects of food, drink and more on the body. So here follows some of her advice for the heart:

Gemstone JASPER: It is the pacemaker for the suffering heart, especially in cases of arrythmic episodes, heart pain, fluttering or violent rheumatic attacks. Press the cool jasper firmly over the heart, directly on the skin and take it away after a few minutes when it’s hot. After it cools, put it on again and repeat the process three to five times or as often as necessary.

Hildegard’s Parsley-honeywine heart tonic – helps strengthen and protect the heart: Take 8 to 10 parsley leaves with stems. Boil in one quart of natural red wine or white wine with two tablespoons of wine vinegar for five minutes. Add three quarters cup honey and heat up again for five minutes. Skim off foam, strain and rebottle the wine. It doesn’t matter if you use red or white wine but it should be natural wine without additives. ‘Take one to three tablespoons daily and all gripping, shooting heart pain will disappear’.

Hildegard says: ‘Whoever has heart pain and is weak in the heart should instantly eat enough Galangal and he or she will be well again’. Galangal, a root, is similar in appearance to ginger. Galangal has bioflavonoids, essential oils, and hot tasting ingredients that have spasmolytic and carminative (cleansing) and pain killing properties.

As for Self help holds – there are many for the heart. But let’s start with a few simple ones:

For heart discomforts: Place your right fingers in your left armpit with fingers facing upwards towards your arm. Place the back of your left wrist on your forehead. Reverse hands for the other side.

For heart palpitations: Place your right hand over your left shoulder (like a coat hanger) and place your left fingers on the base of your left thumb (make a loose fist). This is also the hold to balance acidity in the body.

For rapid heart beat and general heart: Hold the little finger. With your right hand, grab your left little finger. Reverse the hands for the other side.