My Jin Shin Jyutsu Story: Thumb Miracle

Kay’s Jin Shin Jyutsu story started when her friend came back from a 5 day Jin Shin Jyutsu seminar in New Zealand.

Kay writes:

When I saw my friend she said: “Kay you sooo have to learn this.” I protested, saying I wasn’t doing any new courses. However, she then proceeded to tell me about each thumb and finger. 

‘Miracle’ of the Thumb

As it turns out, the next day I was doubled over with pain in my stomach. So I held my thumb for about 20 minutes. During this time, my stomach went crazy with gurgling and rumbling. It did a huge roll. I passed all this wind, and then I was perfectly fine.

And I thought to myself: “Surely that wasn’t because I held my thumb?!?”

Two days later I had a headache, which was unusual for me and I don’t keep any pain killers in the house. I remember my friend saying that the middle finger is ‘the harmonizer’. After four minutes of holding the middle finger the headache was completely gone.

I was so impressed, I decided to get the book The Touch of Healing. When I read it I understood that Jin Shin Jyutsu stands for The Art of the Creator through Compassionate Man.

I knew I had to learn this Art, but I had to wait a year before the tutors from America returned to New Zealand.


Along Came A Spider…

Confirmation of my decision to learn Jin Shin Jyutsu came four months later when I was bitten by a White Tail spider. People have lost limbs from their bites, as bacteria on their fangs cause a flesh eating disease. My leg was swollen like a balloon and I couldn’t put my heel down. The pain was excruciating.

I went through all my fingers, holding each one in turn, but basically not really knowing what I was doing.

Then I remembered reading something in the book about bites. I found the relevant Jin Shin Jyutsu self help hold and I placed right hand over left hand on the bite.

After 40 minutes, I removed my hand. I saw that the hole where the fangs had gone in had a clear liquid coming out. The pain had almost completely gone and by the morning my leg was back to its usual size! 

Naturally I was hugely impressed by this experience. Ever since I have been passionate about sharing this Art.  As Mary Burmeister said: “It is a life time journey.”

Five years later I am still in awe of this Art and still learning.

Many blessings on your journey.

Kay Garvan
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
New Zealand

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid #2: Draws Energy OUT

This second first aid Jin Shin Jyutsu holds DRAWS ENERGY OUT OF THE BODY for BURNS HEALING.

Just place your RIGHT hand over your LEFT hand and hold over the affected part of the body. Again, if there is serious trauma, then don’t touch the body – hold your hands above it over the affected area.

Use this hold whenever you need to draw something out of the body.

I’ve used it incredibly successfully when for instance, my contact lens has moved to the back of my eye and I can’t get it out. Well, no more panic. A few seconds of the hands in this position over the eye and presto! like magic! It pops right out.

To get anything out of the eye quickly and easily – this is the hold. Tried and tested.

Also great for HEALING BURNS. If there is a burn accident, call the ambulance, and while you wait, place your hands in this position over the affected area – if the burns cover a lot of the body, get everyone and anyone available to join in – this hold will start DRAWING OUT THE BURN instead of it going deeper and deeper into the body.

Then there is a long list of things like: stings (poison ivy, nettle etc), infections, cysts, splinters, pain in an area of concentration like headache, toothache, tummy ache, etc.

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid #1: Pushes Energy IN

This first aid Jin Shin Jyutsu hold PUSHES THE ENERGY INWARDS for WOUND HEALING.

Just place your LEFT hand over your RIGHT hand and hold over the area affected – you don’t need to touch the skin if the wound is deep – just place your hands above it. It’ll work just the same!

Use this hold whenever you need to Keep Something In the Body, or to repair the body –

This hold closes cuts and heals wounds (I avoided stitches once when I cut my hand, and the scar today is hardly visible). Useful for heavy menstrual flow – just place your hands over the reproductive area. And also useful for healing scars.

Worst case scenario (but I’ve heard it works) – If there is an accident and the person has a large, gaping wound, then call the ambulance, and while you wait, place your hands in this position over the wound to keep everything intact in the body.

Two Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid Holds: Intro

Because of the way our life energy moves through our bodies and our hands there are two invaluable holds that work absolute magic in any situation – and work dramatically in acute situations.

The body has a natural repair/expulsion system and what Jin Shin Jyutsu ‘does’ is it speeds up the process of repair/expulsion by what I have witnessed, millions of times.

This is true First-Aid Jin Shin Jyutsu. And all you need are your, or someone else’s, hands.

Read on.