Self Help Holds vs. Medical Treatment

I am passionate about helping MYSELF. I am passionate about KNOWING where to put my hands on my body so that I stop pain FAST, boost my immune system FAST, HELP MYSELF FAST. The process of listening to my body’s signals has taken over 10 years, and the learning continues – especially as I get older and my body encounters different challenges.

I have not taken any pharmaceutical drugs for over ten years, not even aspirin. I look to natural remedies and self help holds to help my body heal itself, and this it has proved to me, intelligent that it is, to be able to do over and over again – given a chance.

There is another thing I am passionate about. And that’s showing others how to do the same. Hence, this website.

It is absolutely wonderful to get emails with questions from all over the world asking for help and advice. There are so many medical labels out there – and yes, it is scary to be given a label (often they are unpronounceable to boot).

However, I want to clarify that I in NO WAY encourage that these self help holds be used as a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. That’s not to say that the self help holds can’t act as a day-to-day support.

For instance: studies in New York hospitals have concluded that people living with cancer got great relief from nausea by holding their thumb during the chemotherapy treatments (I would suggest holding it before and after as well!). And of course, I would suggest the Main Central exercise every day.

Jin Shin Jyutsu CLEANS HOUSE

Applying Jin Shin Jyutsu Holds to your body is like cleaning house. When the house is clean, everything can work more easily. The two largest functions of every part of your human body are to 1. take in (good) fuel (oxygen, water and food) and 2. to get rid of waste to maintain the balance of HOMEOSTASIS in the body. If you put garbage into your system (and it’s amazing how much garbage the body can take before it starts breaking down and really ‘giving’ problems) then there comes a point where the body just can’t get rid of the garbage anymore and it starts accumulating. The garbage collectors go on strike and I need not say any more….

I am happy to say, though, that Jin Shin Jyutsu not only cleans house, but also helps us in the process of listening to the body’s needs and changing our attitudes towards what we put into our bodies. This takes some time, as we have got to the point where we continue to ignore what the body is telling us. How many times have I come across someone who is diagnosed with a ‘project’. They are given drugs, and do not change their lifestyle habits. The drug is a real double edged sword because it eases (read: masks, covers) the symptoms but does not heal the cause. It gives me great joy to see that more and more of us are starting to take responsibility for our health. Conventional medicine has been really helpful to a certain point, but now it’s time to start thinking for ourselves, it’s time to start listening to ourselves, it’s time to start empowering ourselves, it’s time to start taking back control of our health for ourselves.

For me, this is the joy of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This is what I share in the self help classes, and it is inspiring to see people’s faces light up in recognition of what they already have, and what they can do to KNOW (HELP) themselves.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is SIMPLY the Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF – Mary Burmeister