Eat to Beat Depression

I say I love coffee – but am I in fact, addicted to it? Maybe it’s time to give the likes of Starbucks and Costa Coffee a wide berth.

We often don’t realise that eating and drinking certain things over and over can have an adverse effect on our health and wellbeing – the symptoms can be quite insidious – after all, doctors themselves have a hard time pinpointing what exactly causes anxiety, fatigue, allergies, depression and goodness knows what else – often just treating the symptoms, and not actually tackling the causes of these labels.

It makes sense though to look at the diet: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, (bad) fats, as well as drugs and tobacco are just not very useful for the body over the long run. While the body is very intelligent and cells will turn almost anything we eat and drink into fuel for the body, not all fuel is created equal.

A few changes in the diet can make a big difference, as well as including some regular exercise, sun and laughter in your life.

Here’s a website that says it all: Top Five Foods for Beating Depression


A Quick Way to Harmonize our Total Being

I talk a lot about the Main Central – Source of Life exercise to harmonize our whole being, and if you do this exercise every day you will be well on your way to ‘cleaning house’. Main Central is a great exercise to do when you’re at home, but more difficult to do outside in public as you need to use your hands in different positions that might look rather ‘strange’ to people when you’re waiting for a bus or travelling on a train.

But not to worry, because there is a way to harmonize our whole being anywhere, even in a meeting, without anyone having any idea of what you’re doing (unless they also know about Jin Shin Jyutsu!).

A note on harmonizing in public or let’s say in a meeting. My experience is that you are harmonizing your own energy, but at the same time, you are helping to harmonize the energy around you. If you are in a room with others, you also help harmonize those that are present. My personal experience is that you have a much more productive and harmonious meeting! I am so often reminded that if you want something to change around you or if you want your reality to change, work on YOURSELF first!

Anyway, remember that to harmonize a particular attitude you can hold the corresponding thumb or finger of either hand. Holding each finger helps to harmonise 14,400 energy functions!! How cool is that!

However, there is an even EASIER way to harmonize our whole being and all our 144,000 energy functions, and that is to put your fingers on the Center of the Palm. So left fingers can be placed on the center of the right palm or vice versa.

Working with the center of the palm harmonizes our whole being on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level, and so it also helps to ease the attitude of deep despondency or depression and along with it, fatigue. Depression (despondency, despair, dejection, gloom, sadness, grief) can be helped by holding center of palm and then the ring finger (attitude of grief) of either or both hands in turn.

So next time you have nothing to do with your hands, place your fingers in the Center of your Palm!