Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Holds Manage Cholesterol Levels

Letters like this one are a real joy to me, mainly because the person is actively using the information and seeing/feeling the benefits of the Jin Shin Jyutsu self help holds over a period of time – not only that, her doctor is amazed too! I’m printing this letter with her permission:

Good morning Astrid,

Thank you so very much for your website with all the practical, wonderful Jin Shin Jyutsu information you have on there. I refer to your site almost daily, and not only use it but have learned so much from it.

I’m sure many others also appreciate the time you take to share these wonderful holds and your expertise with us and to answer our questions.

About ten years ago I came across the ‘Touch of Healing’ book in our local library and immediately purchased one for my own use. I was fascinated by it and although I didn’t know anyone who practiced Jin Shin or was a practitioner, I read the book and used the finger holds.

Then several months ago I found your website and began in earnest to learn about and use many of the other holds.

In fact I loved it when you mentioned that if you wanted to change your life, then hold the 1’s for an hour a day. I took you at your word and started doing just that. It so worked!

A couple of months ago I’d gone to my doctor for a regular check up with the lab work. When he came in he said to me your lab work is great. He said there isn’t anything that is out of balance and your cholesterol is way down and everything is where it is suppose to be.

I have never been able to get my cholesterol down, even though I’ve been taking medication for several years.

I said really? I was so surprised!
He said yes really, I don’t know what you are doing, but KEEP DOING IT!

So of course I am continuing the Jin Shin, and a few weeks ago I had a knee project happen and about the same time an esophagus project developed.

With the knee project it is very hard for me to hold both 1’s at the same time now, so I hold one side for thirty minutes and then the other side for thirty minutes. I also hold the 15’s for the knees and I do the Main Central every night when I go to bed.

For the esophagus I am using the left and right Supervisor flows as well as the high 19’s.

While I am waiting to see the knee specialist and hear back the results from my esophagus test, I am averaging about 2-3 hours each day doing these holds. (I am retired and have the time to devote to the holds.)

Although neither project is completely gone yet, every day I am able to detect a difference and especially this morning I can tell the knee is getting better.

At first it seemed to take a long time to see results, but I am glad you mentioned that all holds are ‘cumulative’, as that has kept me going and helped me to wait and watch for the results.

I feel Jin Shin Jyutsu is bringing me closer to total wellness. I need to clear and heal a lot of years but I feel so much better now than this time a year ago. I know it will be an ongoing process but I find Jin Shin to be easy to do (with a few exceptions) and it has brought me to a better place spiritually and emotionally as well as physically.

Again thank you so much for your website and information, they have been such a tremendous help to me! Please keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated!

FP from Missouri, USA