Case: First Aid for Migraines


I started suffering from debilitating migraines approximately 15 years ago, (when I was going ‘against my grain’ of course). I took ibuprofen on a regular basis, not to alleviate the migraines, but to prevent them.

At the time, I was already studying holistic and complementary therapies, and I came to the conclusion very quickly that this was ‘not a good idea’. My search began for a natural therapy that would cure my migraines.

An acquaintance suggested I try Jin Shin Jyutsu. I looked at him blankly and said: ‘Gin what?’ He lent me the book A Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister, and a whole new world opened up to me. A world, where I began to Get to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.

It was so wonderfully simple, and so effective. After a time, I was able to clear my migraines in minutes. Over time, I worked on myself and with the help of a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner who gave me sessions to clear the CAUSE of the migraines. After a while, they just stopped. 

To alleviate headaches and migraines, you can use this simple Jin Shin Jyutsu self help hold: place your fingers at the base of your thumb. Use the right hand fingers on the left base of thumb or vice versa. Hold for a few minutes, or until there is relief. Do this first step in the case of a migraine, and then hold the outsides of the heels (place the right fingers on the right heel just below the ankle and the same on the left side).

Of course, if headaches persist, then it is advisable to have them checked out by a physician, as well as seeing a JSJ Practitioner.  

Also, in my experience, it helps to drink lots of water, cut down on starches and avoid typical ‘trigger’ foods like coffee, alcohol (especially red wine), oranges, chocolate and very spicy foods.

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid for Pain Relief

jin shin jyutsu fast pain relief

I have experienced many incidents when I was able to manage and control pain in my body with Jin Shin Jyutsu holds. It constantly amazes me that knowing where to put the hands on the body can have such a dramatic and speedy effect!

This is one of my most dramatic and personal experiences of pain relief:

My father was in hospital and had just come out of surgery when I got to his bedside. The anaesthetic was wearing off and he was in much pain. His face was all contorted and he was hanging on for dear life to the side rails of his bed.

I went straight for his right foot. I placed my RIGHT fingers on the INSIDE of his RIGHT heel (below the ankle), and my LEFT fingers on the OUTSIDE of his RIGHT heel (below the ankle). I held, without any pressure, without any massage. (For the left foot, hold the inside of the heel with the right fingers and the outside of the heel with the left fingers – same as the right)

Within a few moments (literally) my father opened his eyes, exhaled, and said: ‘Yes, that’s definitely better.’ After a while I let the nurse take over with the morphine….

See the video of the self help hold for fast pain relief here:

Case 5: The Power of the THUMB

Someone says to me: ‘I can’t sleep, my mind is full of thoughts and worry.’ I say: ‘Hold your thumb.’ She holds her thumb and she is able to sleep. She says to me: ‘It was amazing! I held my thumb and the next thing I knew it was morning!’ So simple.

Someone says to me: ‘I have a long haul flight tomorrow and I know I’m going to be jet lagged for days and my body rhythms are going to be all over the place’. I say: ‘Hold your thumb (and the rest of your fingers, but mainly the thumb) throughout the flight. It’ll keep the energy moving and your bio rhythms won’t get so upset.’ Next thing I know, I get an email from my friend and he says: ‘How amazing! I hardly suffered from jet lag and I bounced back nearly effortlessly.’ There’s that word again – simple, effortless reality.

Case 4: High Blood Pressure

A friend of mine was well into her pregancy. She went for a check up and was told that her blood pressure was unusually high. She had been on one of my Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help courses so I reminded her to hold her MIDDLE finger a lot.

Some time later I asked her how her blood pressure was, and she told me that her next check up it was back to normal.

Quick and easy. Effortless reality.

Case 3: Muscles in a Spasm

Years ago I had long hair. I had just washed it and was combing it out. I remember that reaching down to comb it was rather awkward sometimes because my shoulders were tense, but it was never a real problem until this particular day. I made a wrong move, and my whole right shoulder went into spasm. I nearly fainted with the pain. Then, in an instant, I remembered that the body has a special energy site behind the knees to help ease tension in the muscles. It was a wonderful opportunity to test out the theory.

I grabbed the BACKS OF MY KNEES (sat down on the floor, then placed my right fingers on the back of my right knee and left fingers on the back of my left knee) – and just held on for dear life. Within seconds the spasm subsided, then the pain eased – kept holding – and then it disappeared altogether. Within 15 minutes I could go about my business as if nothing had happened.

Effortless reality.