How to Ease FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

jin shin jyutsu holds index finger 2

In the Jin Shin Jyutsu self help classes we often talk about FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.

In the early days when I started teaching, one of my friends brought to life ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ with a lovely anecdote on which I have based the following story:

Imagine you’re walking down a dark alley. You’re afraid of going forwards, but you’re even more afraid of turning back. So you keep going. At the end of the alley a light appears with a MONSTER of a shadow. Now you’re REALLY afraid. Somehow you keep going.  As you get closer, you realise that this ‘monster’ shadow was cast on the wall by a cute little puppy…False Evidence Appearing Real.

FEARS are at the basis of all disharmony. On a more philosophical level, Mary Burmeister explained that we FEAR when we believe in lack and limitation and THIS is the False Evidence Appearing Real. Because in TRUTH “through Jin Shin Jyutsu our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that all that is needed for harmony [on all levels] is within MYSELF.”

I’ve talked before about the five Attitudes that we experience: Worry, Fear, Anger, Grief and Pretense. Underlying all these attitudes is FEAR. When we believe in lack and limitations, then there is FEAR.

The (very) good news is that we can simply hold the INDEX finger (either one) to help harmonise the attitude of FEAR. If the fear is very deep then we can hold each thumb and finger in turn.

Why don’t you give it a go right now?

Sit comfortably in a quiet space. Wrap your right hand around your left index finger, and relax your hands. Close your eyes.

How long to hold for? Until you feel relief.

I find that if I hold my index (or any other) finger for about 20 minutes, I definitely feel things ‘happening’.

See the link for more self help finger holds

Self Help to Relieve Emotional Upset

Jin Shin Jyutsu emotional upsetWhenever I feel emotionally upset or stressed and need to
calm down, I do this great Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold:
I cross my arms and hold my upper arms.

Wrap right hand/fingers over the left upper arm,
and wrap the left hand/fingers over the right upper arm.
Close your eyes and breathe in and out until you feel that
your sense of calm is restored.

All you need is a bit of privacy and a few minutes to restore
calm and perspective… Try it out.

This JSJ hold also clears the chest, the digestive system and releases tension in the back.

And when you feel calmer, use the Donna Eden zip up technique to ‘ground’ the calm: all you need to do is ‘zip up’ your chakras from the base (pubic bone) all the way up the front to the mouth and ‘lock’.

This will protect your energy from outside attack and help you remain more grounded and strong.

Donna Eden’s zip up technique is very useful if you live in the city – do it before you go out, and again when you come back home. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden is available here

Harmonise for Perfect Balance

THIRD GLOBAL EVENT: Harmonise for Perfect Balance

This Thursday, February 19, at 19.00 (where ever you are), you are invited to join us for the THIRD Global Event where we will work with the 19s to Harmonise for Perfect Balance; simply cross your arms and wrap your hands around your upper arms.

The first two events saw the participation of people in over 30 countries. Amazing!

It is important to remember that when we do these exercises we not only harmonise our individual energies; we help harmonise the collective energies as well.

Will you join us to effect much needed change in the world?

When we do a self help hold we use specific energy sites on the body. There are 26 of these energy sites that have a specific location and function. And very cleverly, 26 means complete – so we ARE complete.

We have everything we need to be in complete PEACE and HARMONY – we just have to keep working on it 🙂

So today I want to share with you one of my favourite energy sites (well, actually all 26 are my favourites!) located on the outside of the elbow, and its variation, located on the upper arm.

This energy site is number 19. It means Perfect Balance and it is where we hold our power and authority. So in essence, when my 19s are open, no one, and nothing, has power over me.

We can harmonise the 19s by crossing our arms and placing our hands on the outsides of the elbows.

We can also cross our arms and wrap our hands around the upper arms, as I show in the image.

Jin Shin Jyutsu emotional upset

Working with the 19s and High 19s as we call them, helps me breathe, helps release my chest, balance my digestive system, release my back. It also effectively calms me down when I am emotionally upset (as I mention in another post: Self Help to Relieve Emotional Upset)

Sending you a JSJ hug across the miles.


PS Join the Jin Shin Jyutsu Global Events Facebook Group

Self Help Holds for Left and Right Side Energies

There is a simple self help exercise to help the left and right side energies (called the Supervisors). The simplicity of these exercises belies their power. A little every day will go a long way to keep the energies moving and cleaning, as well as releasing tensions in the body.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Part 1 Supervisor

If there is an effect in the front of the body (like bloating, stomach cramp, etc) then the cause or the tension is in the back so we work on the back to clear the front (descending energy).

A simple exercise to clear the front is to do the following: for the left side, place your right hand over your left shoulder and sit on your left hand (so place your left hand on your left sitting bone, palm up).

Do this for at least 20 minutes, and reverse the hands for the right side.

This exercise helps clear anything ABOVE the waistline so good to clear the head, and headaches.

These exercises are part two of the Trinity Exercises (Main Central, Supervisors and Mediator).


Jin Shin Jyutsu Part 2 Supervisor

If there is an effect in the back of the body (so back pain, hip pain, etc.) then the cause or tension is in the front of the body, so we work on the front to clear the back (ascending energy).

A simple exercise to clear the back is to do the following: for the left side, place your right hand over your left shoulder and place your left hand/fingers in your left groin.

Do this for at least 20 minutes, then reverse the hands for the right side.

This exercise helps clear anything BELOW the waistline so it is great to help alleviate heavy or twitchy legs.

This is also the Immune Boosting Hold I talk about in other posts on FlowsForLife.