Exercise: The Main Central – Source of Life

Get into a comfortable position. You can do the exercise sitting down, but I prefer to lie down and to support my arms (especially my right arm as it’s going to be in the same position for a while) with pillows and cushions. Hold each position for a few minutes each, or as long as you like! Some positions will feel so comfortable, you might spend an hour just in one hold! There aren’t any rules – just enjoy!

In this exercise, the right hand will remain on top of the head until the last hold when it moves to the coccyx, and the left hand moves down the front of the body as explained.

Note: R = Right Hand, L = Left Hand

R1 – Place Right Hand/Fingers on Top of Head
Maintain this position during the routine through L1 to L7.

L1 – Place Left Fingers between Eyebrows
The Vital Force of Total Being. Revitalises the deep energy circulation, improves memory, dissipates senility, harmonises the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, controls blood pressure

L2 – Place Left Fingers on Tip of Nose
Revitalises superficial body energy circulation,
releases tension in the pelvic girdle and reproductive organs

L3 – Place Left Fingers on ‘Bump’ on Sternum
Revitalises Thyroid and Parathyroid; helps with facial muscular problems, helps prevent heart attacks, strokes, etc. Regulates metabolism and maintains mental balance. Helps us adapt to our surroundings and situations.

L4 – Place Left Fingers between Breasts on Sternum
Revitalises the immune system for the prevention of cancer, AIDS, etc. Assists in child growth and mental development. Governs reproduction, generative and regenerative functions. Relieves nausea and anxiety. Assists with breathing.

L5 – Place Left Fingers at Base of Sternum
The Controller of Human Destiny. Revitalises the energy path of the spleen and the adrenals, assists in the secretion of digestive juices and hormones. Gateway to the solar energy system revitalising the nervous system. Prevents diabetes.

L6 – Place Left Fingers about an Inch above the Belly Button
Revitalises abdominal muscle tone and intestinal function.

L7 – Place Left Fingers on Pubic Bone
Revitalises the descending energy (down the front).
Helps strengthen the spine. (Hold L7 with R1 and then with R2)

R2 – Right Hand moves from Top of Head to Base of Spine (Coccyx). Revitalises the ascending energy (up the back), helps circulation in the legs and feet, helps cold and clammy hands and feet. Alleviates menstrual cramps. (Hold R2 with L7)